Sunday, June 3, 2007

Rules for Changing a Faucet or Toilet Supply Line

Working at a local hardware store teaches one a thing or two: in this case three:

Rule #1. Set aside a minimum of 1-2 hours for the job. This wil
l leave room for any unforeseen circumstances, such as having a valve that has over 20 yrs of corrosion, or that the valve is of the older, aluminum tubing which case it too will need to be replaced. This leads us to Rule #2

Rule #2. Make sure to turn off the valve before unscrewing anything. This may sound obvious...but its not. This is a pressurized line.

Rule #3. It ain't always easy.
Y'see, supply lines come in many threads and many sizes. Pipe thread (known as FIP) and Compression thread (Comp. or C) are the main ones.
In my experience, 1/2FIP x 1/2FIP is the most common supply line for a Delta faucet.


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