Sunday, June 3, 2007

Man spends 19 yrs in a coma. People have cell phones.

Yesterday, Reuters announced that after having spent 19 yrs. in an accident induced coma, Jan Grzebski is awake.
This guy's wife took care of him, changing his position EVERY HOUR OF EVERY DAY. That is dedication folks.

That got me to thinkin', if a fallen human has that kind of dedication to her spouse, how much more does my perfect God have toward me? Amazing.

A lot has happened in these past 19 yrs:

-The cellular phone rose to popularity, becoming smaller than Smart's Shoephone. Speaking of which, I still want one of those, even though my phone is a 10th of the weight with 10 times as many functions.

- Computers are everywhere.

- Manufacturers now compress fruit into tear-able candies.

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