Saturday, June 2, 2007

JFK Bomb plot one cares

TVs shined and radios roared as news stations pumped the American public with yet another world-about-to-end story. At least that's the angle I gathered from my 2 minutes in front of the brainless box.
Not to undermine the severity of the situation, but it turned out that the JFK Airport "bomb plot" was foiled by The FBI while still in the planning stages. This just propagates fear and ticks me off.
I, personally, am still baffled as to why cable news exists. My former journalism mentor said that 90% of all questions can be answered with one word: Money. Someone somewhere along the line said that math is the universal language.
Advertising=Money. Eight ball, corner pocket.

Advice: Take a break from the TV, at least the news. You'll find yourself more happy and less stressed. Instead, read something wholesome and encouraging.

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