Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Something Positive

It's a good idea to say positive things, especially about the goodness of God. Even more so when one is not feeling so good.

So, without further adeu...

Good thing #1: I am able to clearly get IHOP's Audio webcast. Very thankful for this. I find that whenever I am at a prayer/intimacy slump in my relationship with God, He loves to use this cast to bring me back. w00t [wow loot for the non-geeks out there] indeed!

Good thing #2: God has given me a check in my spirit about going to the beach, and confirmed it with not one but two other people sp far. Guess I won't be going. I am so glad that He talks to me. I mean, He doesn't have to y'know. He CHOOSES to... that's just cool and more.

Good thing # 3 (because things have to come in threes): I got to work with Bob today. Y'know I love this guy. What a good heart. The man is a true blessing to me. And Travis. Gosh, I love this guy! Not saved, he truly puts saved people to shame in so many areas, especially his generosity. Like randomly buying me a red Gatorade. Tasty.
And Caleb. Evertime this former co-worker / best friend of mine/ awesome brother of God enters the store, it changes the ENTIRE atmosphere. he carries the presence of God with him wherever he goes.

Good thing #4 (because three is not enough): The lyrics, "Holy,Holy,Holy Open up our eyes to see," straight from the IHOP webcast about 45 seconds ago.

and the thank yous go on and on: Shawn blanc's many many blogs such as The Fight Spot, Randy Bohlender from stuff i think, Jackson Bohlender because the dude is just hilarious and downright honest, Trevor for being a good bud and carrying me through some difficult fires, and so on!

So thank you God for all of them and this.: My hands are working. AMEN AMEN AMEN! w00t! w00t! w00t! Thank you God Amen! Amen! Amen!