Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Women's right to write...Here

Recently, I have become aware that a startling number of women lack voices in the wave of new media as well as mainstream media.

To counter that, as this is new media and we are all about doing things a bit different than our mainstream cousins, I want to put out a call for women to write on here. Voice your opinion. Talk about the issues you want to talk about. Just email me at simonsbb@tmo.blackberry.com and let me know.

my favorite comic of all time...

It describes me oohh so well

Monday, March 10, 2008

Lion King, the True Story

'Ever done much thinking about the Lion King? I have been reading a bit about it, and while the following is more a joke than anything else, check it out:
Disney's telling of the Lion King story is, like most Disney representations, a lie! That's right. Here's the true story.
Mufasa was really a dictator, oppressing everyone in his kingdom for some ideal called "the circle of life." Think about it, he eats his subjects (the antelope) and has his son terrorizing his most valued advisor. I am prett sure that the antelope were just bowing out of fear. Afterall, in this kingdom they are on borrowed time.
So then comes along Scar, here to set the nations most oppressard subjects, the hyenas, free from what is basically a violent ghetto. And what does Disney do? Makes him into the bad guy.
To be continued...
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