Friday, June 8, 2007

Enough is enough

I am tired of powerless Christianity. As I write to you, I type angry, angry that I am still writing one-handed (mostly) when my God is far above everything, full of love and dying to show it.

Y'see, in the Old Testament Abraham was likened to God as His Friend. God listened to Abraham, even when Abraham talked to God in a way that would have had me watching out for lightning bolts. Why? They had a bond, a promise to each other, unbreakable by ANYTHING.
I have that too.

Where am I going with this?

In Acts, everywhere the disciples went, people saw God working, inside and out. Today, people in other counties get healed on the spot. Rarely here.

Imagine for a second: You're on a university campus. There is a paralyzed, mentally disabled boy in a wheel chair. Drool leaks out of the right side of his mouth because that part of his brain has been damaged since birth. Why is he here? Who knows? but you are moved with compassion, the good kind, and you walk over to him and in Jesus name touch him. His head looks up, and he closes mouth. Then, he walks. What if?

I need Him in a way that I never have before. I am desperate for Jesus. I am desperate to know Him in all ways. I am desperate to see broken people walk and broken hearts whole. Guys, we need Him in this way.
No more programs. No more studies of the Word without THE WORD. Just Jesus. Its the Kingdom of God guys. Romans 14 stuff. His love for me, mine for Him. No more, no less. I laugh at anything else.
Get mad.
Get restless.
And pour out your hearts to Him.
Not later. Now.
Now. Now. Now.
Stop reading this blog
Get up Now and Pray.
I want to write with my left hand again. Soon.

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