Wednesday, May 7, 2008

How to turn flat feet into arched feet

The following is from Wes's Hearts Ablaze Blog. Wes teaches at ihop and is one of the people that helps lead there.

"We've been contending for a massive breakthrough of the power of God here at IHOP-KC for decades. At different times we've seen a few healings. This past week I personally witnessed one creative miracle and one healing right in front of my eyes! One young man has had pain in his feet b/c he was born with flat feet. On Tuesday morning during our One Thing Internship Chapel he said he felt heat on the bottom of his feet. He took his shoes off and BAM!!!! He had two arched feet! I saw them with my own eyes. Not just a little either I'm talking two normal well-arched feet. He's 20 years old that's 20 years of flat feet and in a second God arched his feet. That was the creative miracle. The next young man had recently dislocated his shoulder playing volleyball. We asked Noah (the guy who just had his feet arched) to pray for this shoulder. He did along with others and the guy felt the presence of God come on him. He felt that his shoulder was healed. He took off his sling and had full range of motion with no pain! Praise God! Thank you Jesus. May a healing revival sweep across this land! If your sick in your body take a second right now and ask the Lord Jesus to heal that particular part of your body. He's willing and able to heal us. Be healed.Wes"


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Tim said...

Faith healing is generally explained the same way that stage hypnosis is (which isn't the same as hypnosis btw). As for the shoulder, It's tough to comment because without knowing the exact nature or extent of the injury, it would be impossible to say if a complete recovery wouldn't have been expected anyway, which would lend credence to a placebo analgesic type effect. In the case of serious, more permanent injury however, a late followup would most likely show a return to a lack of function. Religious placebos are the strongest actually, but they are still placebos. As for the flat feet, I would hardly call that a miracle. Flat feet can be fixed by, get this, walking barefoot more often. If you get some kind of religious experience from it, I won't begrudge you it, but I think that highly religious people need to be the most skeptical of charlatans like this just by virtue of a desire to believe. My suggestion is to learn from the apostle Thomas, and ask to touch the wounds as it were. The Vatican takes this stance on miracles AFAIK, but they don't shy away from actually investigating such claims. And I feel that too many people fail to heed Mathew's warning of false prophets. Wow, all those biblical references without looking anything up, not bad eh? Anyhow, rant off.

Simon Says: said...

My first comment! At least someone reads this blog.