Sunday, February 24, 2008

C'mon, it was a joke! Mike Huckabee on SNL

Undoubtedly most have read or heard about the AP stories that have been criticizing presidential candidate Mike Huckabee for staying on the stage of SNL too long.

The story stated that, "Even though Mike Huckabee is still battling for the Republican presidential nomination despite long odds, he said Saturday he won't "overstay his welcome. Then he did precisely that, lingering on the 'Weekend Update' set of 'Saturday Night Live' despite repeated cues to leave the stage."

I'm glad the media is watching and covering his campaign, except for one problem, their reporting sucks (that's the layman's term for it right?) When one watches the skit, it looked from this bloggers perspective that this was part of the gag.

For those that have not seen the Huckabee SNL skit, here it is. Let me know what you think. You can be my first comment.

The whole thing reminds me of that U.S. Rep. Wexler who joked on the Colbert report that he liked cocaine and prostitutes. Not that I support either, but the press lifted the joke from the Colbert Report and made it into a serious headline.
Sensationalist reporting. It makes money, but it doesn't make for very good truth.

Back to Huckabee. If McCain doesn't get the 1,191 delegates that he needs, that means the whole nomination goes to convention. And that means that regardless of the votes, Huckabee still has a chance to pick up steam and rally the nomination at the convention. Hey, it sounds impossible, but just like ole' Huck, I too believe in miracles.

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