Monday, December 17, 2007

It was God's Idea

I just read something profound on the Jesus Culture Myspace Blog. It goes like this:

Revival in America is God's idea. Salvation is God's idea. Healing is God's idea. Crippled people walking. Missing limbs returning. The blind seeing. Foggy minds clear. Broken hearts whole.

For so long ,we have viewed God as someone who can;t wait to punish America when He really can't wait to pour out Hid love on her, when He really loves this nation and the people in it. As the blog put it, when we would pray with this outlook, we would feel like we were twisting God's arm to bring revival and healing and salvation.

This just isn't the case. The Truth is that God is in a good mood. And He wants you to be in a good mood too. So Rejoice, and be EXCEEDINGLY glad, for great is your reward in heaven ..."- Matthew 5:12

With that outlook we can really pray that God wants to do something and will do something. Pretty cool huh?

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