Saturday, July 26, 2008

I have gotta get a new font

So, I am back to posting my blog again. It was a nice break. I think I am actually going to try and go for substance, not just links to the Really-Cool-And-Interesting.


In other news: I finally bought Microsoft Office 2007 (and am blogging from it). What can I say? Dell offered me a good deal and I bit. And what do I have to say about it? STOP COMPLAINING ABOUT THE RIBBON! I like the ribbon. In my mind, it makes more logical sense. Also, to all of the Open Office proponents out there that talk of it having "Office-like" functionality, what are you smoking? No offense to the open-source community. I have been a big proponent of it for a long time, and competition is great for the industry. Heck, you can't beat FREE. BUT, I have been using Open Office for five years and it is no MS Office. Not by a long shot. It is slow, the menus are unintuitive, and it has a lot of trouble translating into Office docs without messing up the formatting.

Still, can't beat free. OO got me through many college years and saved me a pretty penny, but c'mon. Please please please, give me a new UI, make it easier to use! C'mon open source community! Microsoft may have more money than the Rich family, You can do better, because you have one thing Microsoft doesn't have (at least as much of), zeal.

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