Friday, April 4, 2008

Being a nerd

Behold! The glory days of my kind have arrived.

We nerds now have a large portion of the wealth in the world, occupying many seats of political and economic power.

We control the computer systems that the world uses for everyday activity. Computer systems that once got kids beat up on the playground.

Who does the swirly now?

Fortunately, I wasn't around during those dark times. Still, as I watch and hear about the news talking about how being a geeky nerd is now trendy, I can't help but ask, "Who the heck are they talking to?"

I doubt that wearing a Star Trek Voyager t shirt will give me a positive glance from anyone but my nerd brethren.

Still, when shows like Lost and Heroes (which I don't like for other reasons) gain so much popular fair, I once again must ask Who are those nerds?

Not me, that's who. Those nerds dress and talk like the rest. Sell outs.

Strong words? Yup, but hey, back in the day that's what we (they) had.
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