Tuesday, November 27, 2007

You are worth more than a mountain of diamonds

Did you know that you are worth more than a mountain of diamonds? have you taken time to fully comprehend what it is that you are worth? So check this out, 'cause I am gonna tell you:

We have more value than everything on this planet.
One person is worth more than the universe.
A mountain of perfect diamonds couldn't buy us.
How do we know this? Jesus died for us. he was the price, and he is worth more than the everything. We are worth the price of God.
He said that we are worth Him coming to earth as frail flesh.
Worth having hunger and weakness.
Worth the worst heart wrenching pain, loving those who don't love you back.
Worth being separated from His Father (however that worked).
Worth being abandoned by his best friends.
Worth being lashed to near death with sharp whips.
Worth bleeding from His pours from stress.
Worth being tempted in the desert and the Garden of Gethsemane
Worth fasting 40 days in that desert.
Worth a plucked beard.
Worth having His clothes stolen.
Worth being humiliated by a public which had adored him just a week earlier. A public that called for his death.
We are worth the agony of His waiting for us.

How cool is that?! Get excited! That is a lot of worth!

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