Wednesday, September 5, 2007

iPhone, iPod Touch, Now the Bod-Fi


Hopefully that headline has enough buzz words to land me a hit or two.

For those that aren't in touch with the latest and greatest gadgets, Apple just announced an iPod that can do everything that the iPhone can, minus the phone, and for $100 -200 less. Furthermore, Apple has dropped the price of the actual iPhone $200 for their 8gb model, and will be phasing out the 4gb model.

I would provide links. Instead, just go to Engadget.

So, this must really irk those that bought the iPhone on release. 200 dollars less. The good news:you stil have your iPhone and it still does more than the iPod Touch. As for the 200 bucks, that is unfortunately the price of this premium.

On another note:

These days you need a CAT 5 cable running from your veins to keep in touch with all the gadgeting going on. Kinda sucks. Kinda rocks.

Come to think of it, I am a bit outdated. Cat 5 is sooooo 20th century. Instead, why not have wi-fi built directly into the body and a chip with Safari attached to our retinas? I call it Bod-Fi. You heard it here first folks.

Now, lets take a look at that Hit Counter...

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